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In late 2000, Galit Strugano, a Los Angeles native and founder of girlactik beauty, was working as a Hollywood makeup artist. When the glitter craze ignited, Galit found herself frustrated by the mess that glitter makeup made while applying it to her many celebrity clients. Determined to find a solution, she decided she would develop a sparkle formula that would work effortlessly for her, as well as for her clients.


Galit's concept was simple. She created "sparkle makeup that actually stayed put." With a budget of only $1,800, Galit scoured the Yellow Pages and found a chemist who helped her invent her signature long-lasting base and easy-to-use fine sparkles. With her makeup expertise, and an eye for beauty, girlactik was born! When asked how she did it, Galit is still amazed as to how she got the entrepreneurial skills to start a business from scratch. "It was not easy… I hit a lot of bumps in the road, but it made me stronger as a young business woman where I had to learn everything on my skin." she says. Since the girlactik brand was launched, sales have grown year after year, it has become a beauty “must have” for countless consumers and celebrities alike.


Over time, the brand has blossomed to become a true affordable luxury cosmetic with a customer demographic ranging from women in their early 20's up to their 50's. The line now includes pigmented shadows, blushes, glosses, shimmer dusts, waterproof eye shadow, tinted Moisturizers and more. Girlactik has tapped the market as an elegant

shimmering/matte brand that reaches all ages and what Galit calls "luxurious affordable beauty!"


The packaging is feminine, with a soft pink chandelier pattern decorated on shimmering pewter boxes. The componentry is a pewter metallic that is both elegant and rich. Galit explains, "I wanted a woman who was sitting at Barney's for lunch to feel comfortable touching up her lips with a luxury gloss vial and I did just that. I love crystal chandeliers and that is where the inspiration of the packaging came from."


Through word-of-mouth, press coverage and continual product development, girlactik has become known as the premier line of sophisticated shimmer makeup that sits extremely well on the skin and outlasts the competition. The line has attracted a huge celebrity following including Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Marcia Cross and many more..


Galit's passion and dedication to girlactik has enabled her to receive impressive reviews from makeup artists, magazines, major beauty companies, and industry experts. Roseanne Fama, the Vice President of New Product Development for L'Oreal considers girlactik's Star Gloss Lip Gloss as one of the most "goop-free, goof-proof glosses," as quoted in O magazine. Allure magazine awarded girlactik's timeless shadow in brown "Best Brown" for 2006/2007.


Girlactik beauty is on the rise now as the next "It Brand" which focuses on color, shimmer, and glowing beautiful skin.


Los Angeles native, Galit Strugano, grew up with an appreciation for beauty and an eye for spotting trends. Having built a successful career as a makeup artist in Hollywood, she quickly found a need for better beauty products that are unique and shimmering.


During the height of the "glitter makeup" trend, Galit was frustrated by the lack of integrity in the glittery products that her clients craved. She set out to develop a makeup brand that re-invented how shimmer makeup is applied and worn. In late 2000, she founded Girlactik Beauty, a revolutionary makeup line that gives consumers an effortless and flawless sparkle look without any of the mess.


Galit launched her first product, The Sparkle Eyeliner, which quickly acquired consumer, media, and celebrity fans to include Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Ali Landry, Kyle Richards, Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell, Marcia Cross, Odette Yustman, Jessica Lowndes, Paula Abdul and many more. The momentum of the Sparkle Eyeliner paved the way for Galit to develop a full line of beauty must haves a few years later. Since then, she has set a high beauty standard of refined, luxurious makeup that works for women of all ages to include staple beauty products of Pigmented Eye Shadows, Blushes, Glosses, Tinted Moisturizers, Concealers, Shimmer Dusts, Waterproof Cream Creaseless Shadows, Mascaras, Matte Bronzers and more. In 2007, Girlactik was honored by Allure Magazine as the "Best Brown" eye shadow of the year and The Vice President of New Product Development for L’Oreal considered Girlactik’s Star Glosses on of the most "goof-proof glosses" available as stated in O Magazine. Girlactik b eauty has become premier "affordable luxury" line of savvy makeup that is for women of all ages.


Girlactik Beauty has now teamed up with Dancing with the Stars, Karina Smirnoff, to produce a new collection called KS for Girlactik Beauty. As part of this long term partnership, Smirnoff will help communicate her fashion-forward point of view to consumers and beauty influencers ensuring the Girlactik Beauty brand continues to be seen as the luxurious yet affordable line of makeup accessible to women of all ages.


“I am very excited about the partnership with Karina,” said Galit Strugano, makeup artist and founder of Girlactik Beauty. “What I love most is that we both have a passion for makeup and make a great beauty team!”


“Girlactik Beauty creates innovative products with great colors and textures that are also beneficial to your skin," says Karina Smirnoff. “I am excited to partner with a brand I have been a long time fan of.”


Smirnoff first approached Strugano last summer, after Girlactik Beauty products were used on her and other Dancing with the Stars cast members. With high definition television showing every detail and highlighting every flaw, good makeup is important than ever for these celebrities and pro dancers on the show. Smirnoff loves how Girlactik Beauty products produce a flawless look, are easy to use, and are beautifully packaged!!!!




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